great program on <OurPlanetTV>

i would not be able to see this TV program without tears. this is what is in my mind all day and what makes human relationship in tohoku go weird to each sides.

now cesium and iodine are detected from breastmilk from mothers in Fukushima, Ibaragi, Tokyo! Miyagi that is next kin to Fukushima still makes no move. they act as if there is a sky-high wall between Fukushima and Miyagi.

`oh, poor Fukushima people..` public says like this.

my friend is in this program so as to state the danger of radioactivity against kids. kids are playing in fields where the meter show as high radioactive as controlled areas. they increased the maximum of human intake from 1 m/c to 20 m/c annually, that is incredibly high. moreover the reality goes higher than that stupid limit they had set up.

we all know kids should evacuate. but where and how? general publics (including husbands and grandmothers!!!!) attack mothers who are willing to take kids away. the governments continues promising it is fine FOR NOW.

they insist vegs and fruits are ok with NO IMMIDIATE HEALTH PROBLEM.

they insist water is ok with NO IMMIDIATE HEALTH PROBLEM.

they insist playground is ok with NO IMMIDIATE HEALTH PROBLEM.

i wonder if those officers could bring their lovable grandsons and daughters to contaminated prefactures as to go to school.

will they?

a mother talks in this programme

`my son became 1 year old just before 3.11. now he walks but can not go outside with his newly-bought baby shoes on. we would not let him go outside since the disaster. how long will he not be able to be on fields outside? and this is not only us. there are thousands of us around…`

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