to donate… 義援金を送るとは...

for the last 4 months, many have tried to donate and such news have been casted. it must have been millions, billions, trillions, zillions. from famous figures to anonymous showed sincerity to the world of agony.

however the real voice came into my ears recently from a family who lost their house, their relatives and still remain in a shelter without future plan for a space for themselves
` we received some every now and them, summed up as 2500 pounds` They still have no luck in being chosen to get a proper place to live. it seems like a lottery.
where are donated money sleeping and waiting the instructions..
I also have worked hard to create charity events since. Yes it questions me if it really helped my dearest friends at all.. I think the answer is .. no. what do I have to do right now.. I am still searching for the answer if exists.








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