ARKA festival at Cagliari

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at Cagliari in Sardinia Island.

crazy UK has been suffering from rain for weeks and no sun at all in Huddersfield.

Arriving at the airport in Sardinia, the temperature is 22 degrees.

in black woolen tights and long pair of socks (again black!) in 4 layered top clothes, I must have looked like a weirdo.

many preparation to sort out (not as preparation as sounds but more like mind reassurance to be able to improvisation), the performance will be on Saturday.

went to see a beautiful venue and people at ARKA festival, realized how tired I am. so weak nowadays and can not take flights journey without much of fatigue.sun is out till late. it somehow reminds me of Ishinomaki

this town is so absent during daytime. all have come out after 5 pm.


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