school issue continues

We finally bought a car. such a damaged and old one. you can not believe but it acts the most worthy value to our life!

Poor daughter, allocated to school 3 miles away without direct buses or train, we had to take two buses to go, two buses back home. then two buses to go again to pick her up and two more buses to get back.

Till yesterday, to get our daughter back from school took nearly 3 hours- leave at 1400, arrive school at 1450. back home around 1700.

Today it takes only 5 minutes to go and same back.

Amazing it was.

As used to tight time runner in the evening after 17:00. I cooked dinner as quickly as I could imagine and took bath and ate food. Still 17:30 when all were finished.

I said `kids! you have at least 2,3 hours to play before bed time!` no stress. lots of time.

unbelievable what a few hundreds can do::) ( for the sacrifice of  numerous worn out signs of the car. but I love him so much!)

appeal refused to participate in school in front of our house. More disastrously she loves the attending school from her heart. she begs for no more change in her life.

Since march 11th 2011, She attended 5 schools one after another.

Yes we do not want you to change school any more\\ it will be a hard decision to make if she eventually gets offer a place in a school in front.



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