29th May in Huddersfield

day after day

we contemplate and observe

The moment received into eyes are yet to be own past but only present

who knows what might cause to again change the status of life within a grasp of breath

I am here, only to catch the basic of enjoyment

—.>> off the bus. walk into University campus. there are wind power of three on top of the building I am heading at

—.>> This is a newly refurbished school of Art at Huddersfield University. The sun welcomes many students just outside.

–.> Here is the Studio 5 where I have been acquainted with for the last 3 days. just thinking and listening for how my next idea is constructed with own contents.

How much I love the look of Genelecs and even strangely shaped sound proof mattress.

I received a copy of Morton Feldman `complete works for Violin and piano` last year from my friend studio. Now I am indulged with the music

`checking out`

dramatic work of art – Zawa Zawa shimasu (JP-meaning excited and shivering )

7 thoughts on “29th May in Huddersfield

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  2. Sayaka,I am an American who I lived in Japan for four years, South Korea for a year, England for two years and other time here and there. There is an expression You can never go home and it’s quite true. When livnig away from your own culture so long you can not go back to just accepting or even doing things as expected. Japan makes this extra hard because it demands us Japanese do things the same. So, your smile int he photo (which I was guilty of too) is shocking to most Japanese. Even when I could speak Japanese fairly well, often Japanese people would look at me as if I was unreal or incomprehensible.My solution, throw my hands up, smile and make the best of things. Good luck!About research I’ve done a bit of research around the world and every place is different and they all make up unpredictable rules. The US being a get things done type culture is aimed in that direction, but others, such as Russia were very strict and formal (you need a few letters of introduction to see primary sources most places, even though much of the information so closely guarded no one would be interested in anyways). Japan is quite an orderly place, so on the one hand finding materials is easy enough, but rules and more rules shouldn’t be a shock. TV:In the famous last words of Hello Kitty *I heart cute~* That pretty much sums up the value of Japanese television. Oh, and then the depressing fact that Japanese watch the most television of any other peoples in the world!!! Yikes

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