following Pheno_Psyco_Mime project 2012 winter, a new work, Empathy takes place on December 4th, Madrid.
performance and artist talk with daniel del rio on reflection of sound and language and a collaborative performance with two choreographers Ines de Almeida and Allan Falieri
music with a turntablist/electronics by daniel del rio


EMPATHY – the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation

Pheno_Psycho_Mime is Ryoko Akama’s progressive project, which deals with language, social artistry and sound. Japanese onomatopoeia is an unique characteristic of Japanese language that has been investigated throughly by a great number of linguists. So far as the focus on phenomimes and psychomimes goes, it is seen in no other speech culture (A few appear in Korean and Finnish).
Over 1200 kinds of Japanese verbs and adjectives illustrate daily phenomenon with verbal transcription which actually possess no sound. They are hard to be translated and consequently impossible to annotate for non-Japanese.

pheno-psyco mime is a collection of words which means specific objects, emotions, movements, situations. Narrowing it down, we hear more of onomatopoeia which theoretically mean words that demonstrate certain phenomenon in relation to their sounds. meow meow (cat), bow wow (dog), bang!(hitting noise) etc… This category appears a lot even in different language system. It is signifiant (signifier)


However Japanese have developed a great number of other sound transcriptions into words – pheno-psyco mime. When one palpitates – dokin dokin (verb), when a thing is moist/has a texture of luxury – shittori (adverb), when someone stands firmly -gasshiri to(adjetive). It is the hurdle to grasp as concept when a foreigner tries to learn Japanese language as the whole idea is very unique at the same time and vague. The word means it itself. it is signifie (signified).


There arises a debate that if pheno psyco mime is the referent (the object/phenomenon). It has been argued that signifie is not the same as referent. As it can be seen that pheno psyco mine suggests much closer identity to things by means of using sound per se.


The research continues its interest in art terrain and envisages extraordinary outcomes beyond the capability of sound and words.

This time confronts the unexampled employment with Spanish artists as to observe cultural idioms and to achieve potential communication by provoking the ideas of sound, theatre and linguistics. It is a multidisciplinary collaboration that challenges inimitable-ness in art and culture.

psychomime examples:

kirakira = state of twinkling, sparking. If someone shines kirakira, she is a lively and energetic person.

dokidoki= to feel nervous. State of pounding. If your head if dokidoki, it has severe ache.