Reconstruction of Alvin Lucier’s 1977 piece – Music On A Long Thin Wire

Audio clip is on the web page linked above
pictures for hardware used is also linked on the page.)
What a wonderful sound. My exploration with Scott had two trials in January. The first with short monochord – failed to hear anything but smokey smell. The second with a piano wire – failed to achieve any sound out.

The third trial took place at Phipps Hall the University of Huddersfield 19th Feb. Good sounding environment and careful plans polished by Mark Bokowiec (shame Scott could not physically attend on this one) made the work happen!

The wire oscillated and endlessly changing tone dissimilated through the air. impossible to resist, we all sat down, without any talk. Listening to a wonderful electronic in the space was quite intense and timeless.
Discovery of why the sound you hear is made, is something I like to explore.

Next event on this by Scott Maclaughlin
Standing Waves: concert of Alvin Lucier’s works in Leeds

Planning to achieve better recording, we may wire it again at the university soon.
I am also developing its skill further for summer project at Cumbria.

Thanks to Ian Cabarello and Greg Scott for precious time shared to help and fun discussion.

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