church bell ringers

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The Octopus Residency is coming to the end. We had lots of programme of muse. String has been somehow the keyword in my residency scheme. lute makings, drawing scores, educational programme… As response to my research theme, I currently am collaborating with Japanese koto and shamisen instrument.

To use such instrumentation is quite ambiguous. It is almost audacious movement. I may not be conscious of hidden danger in doing this. I may be eaten by an invisible monster. Then I am more than happy to be gulped away.

So the day at Cumbria is a work in progress presentation. What strikes me is staff of intelligence and enthusiasm. Before setting off to the venue for tonight event, Jon Hering visited the church where he would be performing his new piece for FON festival, July 2013. He is working with church bells.

The church director is a bell ringer and has delightful ideas to reserve its history and apply to the future. He takes us upstairs where church bells are preserved and well kept. In a few months, those will be renovated and remounted with new frames in the rooms which look like Rapanzel castle. The middle sectors are full of dust and valued well with historical bell charts. The top room is where 9 bells are located. We are actually on top of latin-inscribed church bells.

Curiosity kills a cat like me.
May I ask if a human body can bear the sound of bells if I am standing up here when a ringer hits the bells downstairs??
Off he goes downstairs in order to shake the bell ropes.
Wonderful sounds. It is not fiercely loud or unbearable. How come such softness reaches the whole town. I wonder if there is secret acoustic environment dwells in the space.
I am on the bells and one of them is ringing.
I remember once I put my head in the temple bell in Japan. It was not a calculated action, I nearly killed my ear. The sound of monk bells are particularly strong and low. I can never dispense the sound of temple bells from cultural association.
I wonder how those three men next to me are feeling now..

Mr. Jon Hering presentation goes very well too. a great talker. He deals with church entity at FON. I am excited for the summer 2013.


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