has not been used for donkey years

2013-03-18 14.58.15

when you see a tool like this displayed beautifully in studios, how do you normally react?
you could easily ignore it without any attention. or simply wonder the antique value of it.

it has not been used for DONKEY YEARS
is a new phrase which I had never heard of before. But I now know what it means. It means = I am interested in using it please!

It feels as if I am doing a treasure hunt. When I encounter something out of use, my pieces change drastically.
there is a discussion I come across in many conversations
technology affects before composition or technology is only a tool in order to create a piece?
For my current practice, it plays quite important role to find an object that `has not been used`, that `seems broken` or that `is old`

archive – tradition(al) dances swiftly on my time line.

Anyway i must find out what this is. and I know who to ask already …

2013-03-18 14.58.09 2013-03-18 14.57.58

One thought on “has not been used for donkey years

  1. This is a model of a ‘virtual instrument’ made by myself and my partner – it is a smaller version of a 8′ tall instrument used in a piece of Interactive Music Theatre entitled ‘The Navigator’ c.1995 performed at The Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield.

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