Rue Daguerre – street life in Pris


Thanks to Aaron for precious shopping information in Paris, where I spent two days this week. 2 hours free time was cared of on rue daguerre. I saw local vegs and herbs sold per kilos, fresh oranges and strawberries in mountains. local wine shops and cheese canteens. superb toy shop and book sellers. publication company making children`s books by window, a chinese couple typewriting near the door in the office. Good design clothes everywhere but in small private scale as business.
what a fantastic street. I mean this is what shopping should be. I recommend the strest everyone.
Having bought two boxes of strawberries (about 50 for only 4.50 euros!) I was off to the meeting.

p20130320-123919Uncle Frederic supported my French for smoother conversation in French, all went well. We had great idea exchanges over two days.
Trains were filled with accordion gipsies and French language.

Thinking of Trever Wishart who gave an intriguing talk at the university last week about language and music, without the need of Ipod, my mind enjoyed tones given by Paris.
Pompidou had an exhibition by Dali and Soto who I would definitely love to see. But as usual no time was allocated such luxury.
I am happy though without any strain on my body. I feel like I am a kind of tub filled with music water.


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