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A sounding of sources by Malcolm Goldstein (2008 New World Records) is the CD material currently getting played over and over again at home. The CD consists of two compositions in two different forms. Somehow I love those pieces. I say somehow because his style is quite unique in my favourite lists of listening playlists.

I enjoy his adaptation of violins. He plays excellently `different`. The style always reminds me of my friend apartment in London. Mess – Mess – Disorientated formula, but those chaotic density is not made of specially disorganised mind. On the contrary she is one of a few, as long as I know, who knows the `life` per se. Interesting side of the story is that she recognises where exactly things are if you ask her. Memory dwells in the space. Personal stories are positioned as literally `chaos`. The space is really physical and experiential. Nothing theoretical and boring..

So we are here. In the snow which has not stopped over 2 days now, My house situates a white-but-glitchy snow bench in front that can hold 3 adults or 4 children. Still from the inside, I hear `configuration of darkness` track 1. The composition echoes so differently into my ears from when I listened to the piece a few days before while I was studying a book. But the piece really plays a role in the moment.
Is this what he means by `soundings`, Malcolm? (and kids love the pieces too.)

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