Peter Blasser – shnth from Shbobo – 3 days of shlisping

the last day was a shnth demonstration event. Individually we presented patches and played with the hardware kit. My patch was comprised of three sections of simple configurations. I was getting a grip of understanding shlisp language finally after three days. (slow..)
Peter B. provided a little performance and talk too with a sense of humour.

It has been a great opportunity for students to get together and work on sounds physically. I enjoy the physicality of making sounds. The process counts, not the result only.

I had a mind-blowing comment from one of colleagues as well while we were lisping out:

Green A. ; (2013) states that the the more he codes the more his mind calms down and de-stresses. Having achieved new knowledge he feels no need for agitation nor self-crucification. He also mentions that he happily starts to create all over again from a blank patch without any hesitation whenever the tool he has spent on for many days stops working. As mentioned above, The feeling of `learnt` gives enough satisfaction to his being.
(written like an academic statement::)

Basically he never gets stressed out by coding because he only feels step-ups in his knowledge. HE IS cut out for coding process… in this sense, not me..?

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