Keichiro Shibuya + Toshimaru Nakamura

the world of electronics. matrix by Keichiro shibuya 2011 2+3

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I read for the first time about Keiichiro Shibuya recently (apology to my ignorance in Japanese music scene.) He is one of the most well known electronic artist in Japan. His career varies from pure classical (as a pianist) to techno to pop to contemporary (in collaboration with a composer like Yuji Takahashi). His appearances on TV and radio seems to create an endless CV. He is a multiple talented musician and knowledgeable man. The links are open air concert from his annual(maybe) radio show on electronic music, with Toshimaru Nakamura and evala.
You tube introduced me to T. Nakamura last year (again sorry for living time lagged) He works no input signal mixer and collaborates with various musicians worldwide.
The glitches and humble electronic frequency surely become enjoyable and space-odyssey-like with Shibuya`s piano performance. The noise turns into timeless scope that even start getting perceived as musical instruments.
He enjoys his uncontrollable feedback system with such controlled experience. (you know what I mean once you deal with feedback in your life)
As I am about to start a trial rehearsal for new improvisation set with people, the show was a good surprise and inspiring.

The first part of this radio show talked of Tristan Murail to Mark Fell with a guest who received a famous prize for writers, Akutagawa Prize and a famous actor. I love the mixture of people gathering in Japan. So far, it is only one place where a night event can contain any music possibly concerned. The show can have electro to pop to bit of classical – no problem.

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