James Turrel

2013-04-03 12.51.57


Out in sunny day, at Yorkshire Sculpture Park were my family and our friends. My dream came true to experience James Turrel`s skyspace piece.
His sequel piece, Twilight Epiphany at Suzzane Deal Pavilion (http://skyspace.rice.edu/) looks extraordinary but Deer Shelter Skyscape is nothing less but wonderful.
Having never expected to have no glassed window, the frame is open to the wild sky.
The reaction is I love it, I love it I love it I love it…
No more explanation is required. I just I love it. The masterpiece that holds its essence within the piece itself.

Windy clouds supported surrealistic feelings in me, who gazed at the framed moving picture. The blueness somehow enforces its blueness within the square. I wonder what it is like to be in the shelter on my own when it heavily rains. I would like to try one day.

Back to my house. I looked at the sunroof window in the living room.

oh, not bad indeed.
2013-04-04 11.06.14

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