water as material

So my experimentation with the idea of water as the portal to sound has started for the goal towards sound installation in October 2013.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 09.34.26

Of course, Newtonian fluid is one of the first step to try out. The first was `alright` as picture says. the second attempt was as amazing as it should be though no picture was taken due to the lack of time and me being in hurry.

2013-06-03 16.42.28_2

then a silver metal plate surely contributed a great vibration of sound for me to enjoy.

I never realised till recent conversation that it is only Japanese who has the culture of `splashing water` in front of a house in boiling days of summer. looking at online, the act is not merely for `cooling the air and surface, calming dusts in the air` but also for spiritual purification.

The summer is hot, hot, incredibly stifling. But when water is splashed with you ladle, suddenly you feel a hint of `coolness` just like when you get nearer to a fountain in the park.

Why I talk of this, because the water experimentation in the studio had the same effect. It  surprisingly offered communication to chilled winds.

how nice of the side effect like this incident.


One thought on “water as material

  1. But I have a piece of Yorkshire stone I carved in the pond in the garden which I only turn on as a splashing fountain when it is hot. Otherwise I let the pond be still so that the water lilies can grow and the creatures cannot be disturbed ! Is this at all similar? I love the idea that you are working with water. Adam

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