Max Brand Synthesiser

2013-09-24 18.04.05
Time passes by. It has been 3 months since I blogged last time. Here I am in Hainburg, Austria, doing IMA institute residency with..

2013-09-24 11.35.53
Max Brand Synthesiser! An incredible machine created by an Austrian composer, Max Brand and Bobby Moog.

2013-09-24 11.36.05
A man of knowledge, Gregor, is showing me how to control the monster by means of knobs and patches in front of Mr. Max Brand on Max Brand Synth.

2013-09-24 16.39.07
This is my elaborate noting system that makes no sense to anyone else. Some parts are not still comprehensible to myself either. 4 hours of conversation between me and Gregor (and thanks to Regina from IMA institute who had to sit down in the office akin to the noisy room, listening to my funny questions and sound exploration) I have a grip to work on it myself. lots of logical and illogical manner, the machine is a beauty of surprise.

2013-09-24 17.16.20
This is a part of Max Brand exhibition and the picture shows the first synth he actualised. It has a set of keys that individually has frequency range parameters. You know that means it can go totally off standard harmony and work with microtonality. ummm. temping.

2013-09-24 18.04.11
The town is so small and walkable. By the river, the Danube, still gorgeous weather of 20-25 degrees (me coming from North England sillily fully equipped with woolly jumper and thick coat in the suitcase…) I am hoping to complete a piece before the weekend so that I could feel tasteful of town life and accumulated memories of the machine…..


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