ON project – more shamisen


It delights me when children are happily learning something about sound. It more delights me when their sound objects are designed and alternated by their hands and become extraordinarily precious things.
Wellhouse Primary School in Huddersfield let ON project happen so we went. 25 bright children created 25 unique recycled shamisen instruments and listened to noise that makes.



I did not ask them such gracious and beautiful painting but they naturally did, lots of flowers and mt. Fujis (!) by felt pens and water colours. I gasped with excitement and honestly commented I wanted all of those at home. Some said of course I could have them as a present – no worry, I would not be such a evil woman to take your art away..


I love serious faces of children. Some listening events were undertaken without any distraction. everyone offered great response to shamisen sound plucked by their hands. Surely some of them went mad like punk rock stars but that is also fine too.
we made graphic scores to play, and eventually divided into three groups which structured their own performances for the final showcase. the best one was called “konnichiwa song”. too bad that we did not record the splendid rhymes.

we will set off to Cumbria next. watch out, kids!


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